AudioSuite - Every Wednesday at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery


Every Wednesday at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery

The Lo-Fi is an event based space offering a cornicopia of activivities. Also available for rental @ a flat rate for private parties, photo shoots, videos, ect.

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AudioSuite Chillin' at the Lo-Fi

AudioSuite is the latest inception of the ongoing Wednesday Night weekly at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery.

Formerly known as RUB, originally created by CD Littlefield and Rajni. Over the last 3 years the line up has changed several times with many of the greatest musicians in Seattle contributing their special talents of live improv.

The current residents now consist of Tiffany Wilson, Roc’Phella, Jimmy James, Steven Scalfati,  Scotty X and resident DJ AC Lewis.

With the spectacular chemistry emanating from this destined arrangement, it was worthy of a new title…we now present to you – AudioSuite !

Please join us on Wednesday Nights for the revival of Ladies Night at the Lo-fi !